The Progress Report

15 Aug 2017 No Comments

David Bowie: “Changes”

I spent last Wednesday down in Springfield where I met with other professional learning providers throughout the State as well as the guru’s from ISBE’s Educator Effectiveness Division. The Educator […]
8 Aug 2017 5 Comments

HGTV for Educators

Congratulations….you have won the opportunity to redesign your classroom! It is the beginning of a new school year, a fresh start, it is time to set the stage for the […]
2 Aug 2017 No Comments

Professional Development vs. Professional Learning

Is it just semantics? Many think so…until they are the one participating in the development or learning experience! We have all been there, we’ve registered for a workshop, paid for […]
24 Jul 2017 No Comments

Who Are You & What Do You Do?

Wow…two questions that one would think would be simple to answer; but are they really? I have been in my new role at the Kane County Regional Office of Education […]
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