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Kane County Juvenile Justice Center & School Successes

August 28, 2015 In: juvenile justice center, kane county regional office of education, students Comments (None)

For the annual Kane County Juvenile Justice Center program, Principal Ivars Spalis presented the new developments on how the JJC is going from “Good to Great”.

Representatives from around the county were eager to learn more about how the JJC is providing a bridge back to public schools.  In attendance, key leaders from the community included Regional Superintendent Dal Santo, Kane County Chief Judge Brawka, Superintendent Rick Ansleme and Assistant Superintendent Amy Sierra of the JJC.

Principal Spalis explained that from regular communication with the public schools in Kane County, courses that align with the New Illinois Learning Standards and high expectations of students, the JJC is able to help students integrate back into their schools and communities.

Kane County Juvenile Justice Center

The JJC provides its residents a variety of resources to help them academically and personally. In April, the JJC had its first career fair that gave the detained students an opportunity for a fresh start.

In May, the JJC hosted the 2nd annual Illinois Juvenile Detention Conference. Seven other centers came to St. Charles for the conference; one organization from as far as Springfield, Il.

This coming February 2016, the JJC has been invited to present how they have been able to turn the JJC from good to great at the Title I Conference in Chicago.

The Kane County JJC was created by an agreement between the St. Charles School District, the Chief Judge and the Kane County Regional Office of Education makes this possible.

To guarantee that students in juvenile detention continue to be educated and make a successful transition back into their public school program, the Kane County Regional Office of Education, specifically Director of Professional Development Shirley LeClere and Assistant Director of Professional Development Kathy Lawson, runs the Kane County Juvenile Justice Center Education Program.

An agreement between the St. Charles School District, the office of Chief Judge Judith Brawka and the Kane County Regional Office of Education makes this possible.  Certified teachers give daily instruction year-round in language arts, math, science and social studies.

Learn more about the other ways the JJC is assisting incarcerated youth here.

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