Regional Safe Schools

Regional Safe Schools Program (RSSP)

(105 ILCS 5/13 A-8)

The Regional Safe Schools Program serves expulsion-eligible and/or multiply suspended students. The statewide program, authorized through the Regional Offices of Education, began serving students in 1996 as established by the Illinois School Code to provide a system of alternative education programs for disruptive students. The purpose of the RSSP is twofold: 1) to increase safety and promote the learning environment in schools and 2) to meet the particular educational needs of disruptive students more appropriately and individually in an alternative educational environment. This is a cooperative effort between the Regional Office of Education and the local school districts. The programs within school districts are designed to meet local needs. In 2008-2009 two hundred fifty students were served through this program. Without this program those students would not have received an education and would have most likely become dropouts.

For more informationĀ on safe schools, please contact Eleanor MorrisĀ at 630-444-3401 or by email at

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